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How to order an AncestryDNA kit

Ordering an AncestryDNA test kit is very quick and easy, especially if you are already an Ancestry subscriber and are logged into your Ancestry account.


To initiate your DNA kit order:AncestryDNA kit

  • Click on a banner advertisement on Ancestry's website, or
  • Click on a link in an email offer from AncestryDNA, or
  • Click on the DNA tab at the top of any Ancestry website page, and you will be taken to the DNA kit order page. 
  • If you have already purchased a kit, hovering on the DNA tab will display a link to Buy Another Test (or click on the image below to go directly to Ancestry's DNA page:

    Buy another AncestryDNA test

If you are already an Ancestry member or subscriber and are logged into your Ancestry account, the first part of the order (the contact details) will be pre-populated with your details as per your Ancestry account details.

If you are not already an Ancestry member or subscriber, you will need to register as part of the ordering process.

Your contact details will either be pre-populated (if you are logged in) or you should enter them as requested.


Then enter your Shipping Address and Payment Information:


AncestryDNA order form 

If the Billing Address is the same as the Shipping Address, leave the checkbox ticked (as above).


If you are ordering the kit to be delivered to an address that is different from your Billing Address, untick the checkbox, and an additional section will appear so you can enter the Billing Address (as below):


AncestryDNA order form 

After completing your Shipping Address, Payment Information and Billing Address, tick the Terms & Conditions checkbox and click on the orange button to Review Order:


AncestryDNA order form


When you are happy with the order details, click on the orange button to Submit Order.


Then you will be shown an Order Confirmation page, including your Order Number:


AncestryDNA order form 

Within a few minutes you should receive an order confirmation email, similar to below:


AncestryDNA order confirmation


Once you complete and activate your test and post it back, you will see a progress bar appear in your AncestryDNA account, which will be updated as your kit arrives back at Ancestry and is processed:


AncestryDNA test progress bar


If you already have a kit, subsequent orders can be viewed (after activation) from the Orders in Process link at the top right of your Ancestry page:


AncestryDNA order progress


For further information on your AncestryDNA test, including using the results, see my AncestryDNA Quick Reference page.



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