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Social media and social networking have changed the way genealogists network and carry out their research, compared with, say, 20 years ago.  Along with all the new technologies and resources available to us comes a lot more potential for new contacts, collaborations and discoveries.

Thank you to all those who braved the hot conditions and attended my presentation this afternoon at the Cairns & District Family History Society!

I'm sure many of you went away overwhelmed at all the choices available to you that you didn't know existed before today, but hopefully you will all have some luck, and some fun experimenting with social media as part of your genealogical research.

Thank you also to those who came and chatted after the session, and it was great to meet more strays from Melbourne and Geelong!


CDFHS social media presentation on 15 February 2014

The slides from 15 February can be downloaded from the link below...

The links in the pdf document are clickable, so follow a few links and see where your genealogical surfing takes you!

If you would like some help getting started with social media, contact me for further assistance.


CDFHS social media workshop on 15 March 2014

The following links or tips may be of assistance...

  • Cairns & District Family History Society on Facebook
  • Katherine Willson's list of Genealogical & Historical Groups/Pages on Facebook 
    International & Australia starts on p 61, England p 67,  Ireland p 71, Scotland p 77.
    Note that this list and link is updated regularly.  I will try to keep it current, but if the above link fails, simply go to Katherine Willson's website and follow the latest links to her list of genealogy links on Facebook for the updated link.
  • To find more organisations, groups, pages, communities or people to follow, check the profiles of other genealogists, groups or societies, and view their lists of following/followers/friends/likes for suggestions.
  • If you can't locate a particular organisation on social media, go directly to their website to look for any social media links.
  • Scroll through the tweets, posts, feeds and updates of your new connections to look for any interesting new links, connections, topics or articles.
  • Social media safety:  Review all your social media privacy and security settings regularly;  Follow shortened URLs with caution (check them first at www.longurl.org).  Install security software on smartphones and tablets as well as home computers (eg. Norton Multi-Device licences can cover up to 10 different devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones; also try the free Norton Safe Web App for Facebook); 

Thank you to the full house at CDFHS this afternoon - have fun social surfing and researching!

Now that you've got yourself started with one of the platforms, try out another social media platform as a comparison - they are all different.  Contact me if you would like some assistance.


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